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Angry Sex with Sehun- (warning: extreme bad language and smut)

You slammed the door behind you as you stormed into you apartment, you were fuming, that cocky arsehole OH fucking Sehun just infuriated you at times, he was so full of himself and cock sure of himself.

Ok going back to what happened, you and your group of friends (unfortunately Sehun hung around with them) decided to play spin the bottle, and when it was your turn it landed on Sehun, you out rightly refused, and that lead to Sehun being a cocky little shit and teasing you all night, you left before you ended up punching him, you didn’t want to ruin the night for the others.

You changed out of your clothes and changed into your chill out pyjamas, underwear and a baggy jersey, you were so angry at him, why was he so full of himself? You hated him, yet you longed for him, you longed for his touch, his kiss, his embrace, you wanted him, and you felt sick to your core.

There was a knock on the door and you ignored it, but it grew louder, you walked to the door and opened it, it was Sehun,

“Why did you fucking storm off like that?” he yelled, inviting himself into your apartment, pushing passed you,

“Why the fuck do you care?” you said, slamming the door closed again,

“Because we were having a good time before you left and ruined it like a motherfucking bitch” Sehun spat, anger in his eyes,

“Yah, I left because of you, I can’t stand you, you are so fucking cock sure of yourself” you yelled,

 With that he pinned you against the wall with his hands around your wrists,

“What was that” he asked, his face inches away from yours,

“Yah get off m-“

“Answer it”

“I said you’re so fucking cock sure of yourself”

“Oh really? How so?”

“You think you’re completely irresistible, like every girl will jump for you”

“Which they do, but I turn them away” he said smirking,

“Oh you do? And why should I care whether you turn them away or not?”

“because I know you want me as bad as I want you” you froze, he leaned in closer to you, his body pressed against yours, now only centimetres away, you were so turned on,

“See this is what I mean with you, I don’t want you, you repulse me” you snapped, he chuckled and smirked at you,

“I repulse you?” he repeated,

“Yes, you do” you said, breathing heavily,

“I think your soaking cunt says otherwise” he said, smirking,

“I fucking hate you” you said, eyes turning lustful,

“Likewise bitch” he said, before smashing his lips into yours, pushing you hard against the wall, you gripped hard onto his shoulders, he smirked into the kiss, his hands pulling your hips towards him, your crotches colliding, you gasped as he grinded towards you,

“What was that? I repulse you?” he said, before biting your bottom lip,

“mmmm” you moaned, as his tongue broke into your mouth, your tongues clashed and swirled and turned, the kiss full of passion, his hands grabbing your ass, you pushed him off of you and you looked at each other breathing erratically, both still with anger in your eyes, your stormed to you bedroom, Sehun following you, you turned to him and pushed him on to the bed, he smirked, that cocky grin that infuriated you the most, you straddled his hips, pulling his shirt off you sucked the skin of his neck, causing him to groan in pleasure, you smirked, and bit his collar bone, nibbling it, leaving marks down his body, Sehun grabbed the hem of your shirt and pulled It off of you, and unclasped your bra, pushing you down on to the bed, he pulled down his trouser, leaving only his boxers, before crawling between your legs again, he left love bites down your neck and shoulders before massaging your breasts and sucking on your nipples, you could feel his hard member again you, his kissed you again before leaning back and ripping your underwear,

“What the fuck you just ruined them” you said, piercing him with your eyes,

“what…a…shame” he said, shoving his finger into you, he began pumping, you moved your hips to get him to move deeper, he removed his finger and spread your legs, holding down your hips he went down on you, his tongue reaching deep inside of you

“ughh fu-uu-ucck” you moaned, your fingers tangling in his short hair, he teased your clit and you spilled into his mouth, he licked you up and kissed your lips again, you pushed him, and straddled his hips, you grinded down onto his hard member, he held your hips pushing you down in rhythm, you moved his hands and began pulling down his boxer shorts, you gave his member an experimental stroke causing him to quiver,

“Ugh, please touch me” he pleaded,

“Admit, you like me first” you said smirking, kissing extremely close to his member,

“Yah, please”

“Why are you here?”

“I love you”

“mmmm” you said, kissing up his shaft and taking him into your mouth, you bobbed your head up and down, hollowing your cheeks to tighten the hold on his member, one of his hands moving your head up and down, you felt his member twitch, followed by a pool of his warm liquid filling your mouth, you swallowed it and licked his dick before crawling to kiss him on the lips and then lying next to him,

“I love you too, by the way” you said, facing away from him,

“You do?” he said, laying, still recovering,

“Yeah” you said, smiling, Sehun smiled to himself,

“You know, you don’t have to act like arsehole to get my attention, well, not anymore” you said,

“Ahh, fine” he said, pulling you towards him, and hugging you,

“Goodnight jagi” he said, kissing the top of your head,

“Goodnight Sehun” you said, cuddling into him.

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